Egyptian Sarcophagus gives hope for death and despair

A man unhappy with his life has published a petition to slurp up the decomposed contents of a massive ancient black granite sarcophagus that was unearthed by archaeologists in 🇾🇪Egypt three weeks ago. In spite of speculation that it could contain a horrifying curse, Innes McKendrick, a video games producer from 🇬🇧Guildford, Surrey, wants to drink the skeleton juice of three 🏴‍☠️skeletons and smelly red-brown sewage water. Our view: Granted the world is complicated and very difficult to understand at times but is it that bad that people would desire to be cursed to suffer a long and painful death?🤔 Featured photo

Jimmy Roeden

Author: Jimmy Roeden

Jimmy has been a political writer for many years across the Caribbean and United Kingdom. He has an exceptionally great sense of humour and strong belief in the human condition. His views are his own and not necessarily the views of CrozSection News.

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